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Guide to Utah's Lakes and Rivers

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Revised 04-12-06

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Anderson Meadow Reservoir

Anderson Meadow Reservoir Anderson Meadow Reservoir is high in the Tushar Mountains east of Beaver. It is a small artificial lake in a high meadow created for a fishery and receives heavy recreational use for fishing, boating, and camping. It receives about 30 in. of precipitation a year with a frost-free season of 0 to 40 days.

Elevation: 9,355 ft.

Surface area: 8 acres

Depth: 21 ft.

GPS: 112° 25' 09'' / 38°12' 09''

Fish: brook trout, rainbow trout. Invertebrates include midge and caddisfly larvae and snails.

Location: accessible from FS-137, a gravel road across the north slope of Circleville Mountain also passing by Kents Lake and LaBaron Lake. FS-137 both originates and terminates at intersections with U-153, the road from Beaver to Junction.

From the west, exit I-15 at Beaver and travel up Beaver Canyon on U-153 for about 12 mi. to the FS-137 turnoff at Little Cottonwood Campgound. Travel on FS-137 for another 6 mi. to Anderson Meadow Reservoir.

From the east, travel up U-153 (this segment is unpaved) from US-89 at Junction for 12 mi. to FS-173, and go 7 mi. on FS-137 to Anderson Meadow Reservoir.

Anderson Meadows Campground Facilities: Anderson Meadows Campground, maintained by the Forest Service, is adjacent to the reservoir. It has 10 campsites with drinking water, vault toilets, and charges user fees. There are other Forest Service campgrounds in the vicinity as well as serveral private campgrounds in Beaver. There is no developed boat ramp but small boats can be launched.

Ashley Twin Lakes

Ashley Twin Lakes Ashley Twin Lakes is northwest of Vernal in the shadow of Marsh Peak, one of the highest mountains in the southeast Uintas. It is comprised of 2 natural lakes that were united when a dam was built in 1920 to raise the water level. Many maps still show 2 lakes. The area is moderately popular in the summer for fishing, camping, picnicking, and hiking and is surrounded by coniferous forests and towering peaks. Summer drawdowns can leave the shoreline muddy. It receives about 30 in. of precipitation a year with a frost-free season of 0 to 20 days.

Elevation: 9,355 ft.

Surface area: 27 acres

Depth: 20 ft.

GPS: 109° 48' 12'' / 40° 43' 24''

Fish: brook trout, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout. Invertebrates include midges, clams, aquatic earthworms, larvae, pupae, leeches, caddisfly larvae.

Location: accessible from Red Cloud Loop in the Ashley National Forest. The loop begins as 3500 West St. in the Vernal/Maeser area. Travel north on this road as it climbs into the Uintas. At the National Forest boundary, the road becomes FS-18. About 13 mi. after entering the National Forest, turn left on a less traveled road, FS-027. This turn should be signed to the lake and/or to Marsh Peak. Follow this road for 5 mi. which ends at the lake. The last few miles of the road is very rough. It is very rocky and not maintained. Driving can be hazardous during bad weather.

Facilities: There are no facilities at the lake so please pack out all waste. The nearest campground is at Oak Parks Reservoir, 20 mi. north and east on the Red Cloud Loop, which has primitive latrines, picnic areas, and campsites.

Baker Reservoir

Baker Reservoir Baker Reservoir is a small impoundment on the Santa Clara River in extreme southwestern Utah. It is the uppermost of 3 major reservoirs and is located in a broad basin between the Pine Valley Mountains to the east and the Bull Valley Mountains to the west. It receives about 12 to 25 in. of precipitation a year with a frost-free season of 140 to 160 days.

Elevation: 4,869 ft.

Surface area: 63 acres

Depth: 55 ft.

GPS: 113° 38' 06'' / 37° 22' 38''

Fish: Stocked with rainbow trout. Also contains brown trout, green sunfish, crayfish, redside shiner, and mountain sucker. Invertebrates include snails and annelids.

Location: accessible from the U-18 portion of the Legacy Loop Highway between St. George and Enterprise. It is 4 mi. north of Veyo and 2 mi. south of Central. There is an umpaved road from U-18 that leads east to the reservoir.

Baker Reservoir Campground Facilities: BLM's Baker Reservoir Campground is next to the reservoir and has 10 campsites with picnic areas, vault toilets, drinking water but no boat ramp. Usage fees. Cabins and meals may be available in the vicinity.

Barney Lake
Barney Lake is east of Marysvale on the Sevier Plateau (not to be confused with Barney Lake on the Aquarius Plateau). It is a small, shallow natural lake that is regulated with a dam. It receives about 25 to 30 in. of precipitation a year with a frost-free season of 20 to 40 days.

Elevation: 10,049 ft.

Surface area: 19 acres

Depth: 16.4 ft.

GPS: 112° 05' 11'' / 38° 29' 04''

Fish: Noted for its tiger trout (brook/brown cross). It has also been stocked with brook trout and bonneville cutthroat.

Location: not readily accessible. From the west or north, access is from Monroe via FS-078. Go south, then southeast out of town, continue on FS-078 as it turns to gravel and climbs to the top of the plateau. About 7 mi. past Monrovian Park, the Paiute ATV trail joins the route, and 12 mi. past Monrovian Park the road (FS-083) to Manning Meadows Reservoir and Barney Lake branches to the right.
From the east, take the gravel road ½ mi. north of the Greenwich church (on U-62 6 mi. south of Koosharem) to the west and up onto the Sevier Plateau and becomes FS-069. The Paiute ATV Trail follows this route. Approximately 1 mi. past the turn off to Lower Box Creek Reservoir, turn right on FS-078. Proceed to the junction of FS-078 and FS-083, approximately 3-4 mi.
From the FS-078/FS-083 junction, go several mi. south on FS-083, past Manning Meadows Reservoir, to the turn off to Barney Lake. The road to the reservoir is approximately ½ mi. long.

Facilities: although the area lends itself to primitive camping, please carry out trash and bury human wastes at least 8 in. deep and 300 ft. from the nearest body of water. The nearest private campgrounds and in Koosharem and Monroe.

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is one of the most attractive water playgrounds in the intermountain area. It is a large, natural lake on the Utah/Idaho border lying in a graben valley between the relative low mountains of the Bear River Range and Lake Ridge to the west. The valley stretches from Laketown in the south to Soda Springs in the north. The lake has existed for at least 28,000 years.

The Bear River is diverted into the north end of the lake via a canal system through Dingle Marsh which improves water quality by removing sediment and nutrient loads. The outlet is regulated for irrigation and electrical needs. In dry years, the drawdown can cause the shoreline to retreat hundreds of yards from the high waterline. It receives about 10 to 40 in. of precipitation a year with a frost-free season of 80 to 100 days.

This lake is a popular place for all forms of water recreation. The west and south shores are primarily privately owned with summer home development. The east shore is mostly state owned with multiple access points. Recreation includes camping, picnicking, windsurfing, sail and motor boating, water skiing, swimming, and fishing.

Elevation: 5,924 feet

Surface area: 109 sq. mi.

Depth: 208 ft.

GPS: 111° 20' 20'' / 42° 00' 00''

Fish: Bear Lake cutthroat, lake trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, yellow perch, Utah sucker, Utah chub, carp, redside shiner, Bonneville cisco, Bonneville whitefish, Bear Lake whitefish, Bear Lake sculpin.

Facilities: camping, slips, fuel, beaches. Groceries and lodging available in nearby Garden City, Pickleville, and Lakeside.

  • Bear Lake Marina State Park: 1 mi. N of Garden City on U.S. 89, season 5/1-11/30, 30 units, water, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $4, camping $11.
  • Bear Lake Rendezvous Beach State Park: 3 mi. NW of Laketown on Hwy 30, season 5/1-11/30, 138 units, 40 hookups, water, showers, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $4, camping $11-$15. There is 1 mi. of beach. Concessionaires and small boat rentals.
  • Bear Lake Cisco Beach (Eastside): 10 mi. N of Laketown. Marina has 176 slips, 15 campsites, small swimming area.
  • Idaho State Park: immediately north of state line on east side.

Bear River

Noted for big catfish west of Brigham City near Corinne.

Location: runs into to Utah east of Woodruff and out of Utah east of Sage Creek Junction along the Wyoming border. It circles around Bear Lake in Idaho and comes back into Utah near Cornish, flows into Cutler Reservoir west of Smithfield, and down to the Great Salt Lake west of Brigham City near the town of Corinne.

Facilities: none — most of the river is on private property. Please respect private property and keep it clean so access will continue.

Beaver River

Contains large numbers of trout in the mountains west of Beaver and where the river flows out of Minersville.

Location: runs from the mountains west of Beaver along Hwy 153 past Beaver to Minersville and then north to Milford.

Facilities: camping is available in the Fish Lake National Forest.

Big Sandwash Reservoir

Elevation: 5,900 ft.

Location: 10 mi. east of Duchense, turn north at Bridgeland and about 12 miles to the reservoir.

Facilities: There is a boat ramp and primitive camping.

Blacksmith Fork River

Location: along Hwy 101 east of Hyrum which is about 7 mi. south of Logan or take Hwy 89 east from Brigham City and turn east at Wellsville and go 6 mi. to Hyrum.

Facilities: Forest Service campgrounds. Lots of private property.

Brough Reservoir

Noted for abundant population of smallmouth bass.

Elevation: 5,000 ft.

Location: about 15 mi. east of Roosevelt (7 mi. past Gusher) take S.R. 88 south from U.S. 40 (Ouray Road). Turn west at the 2nd dirt road past the high power lines. Follow this road about 2 mi. staying left at each fork.

Facilities: There is no boat ramp but small boats can be launched on the north side.

Brown's Draw Reservoir

Take S.R. 121 north from Roosevelt to Neola, then about 6 mi. west near Boulder Blvd. Foot access only around reservoir. Please honor access agreement as posted.

Bullock Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and lots of crayfish.

Elevation: 5200 ft.

Location: 5 mi. N of Gusher (east of Roosevelt) off U.S. 40.

Facilities: There is no boat ramp but small boats can be launched in the SW corner near the dam.

Burraston Ponds

Turn off I-15 to Mona (just north of Nephi). Ponds are located at the south end of Mona Reservoir.

Calder Reservoir

Elevation: 7100 ft.

Location: 20 mi. north of Vernal on Hwy 44. Turn off at Diamond Mountain Rd. and go 18 mi. east.

Crouse Reservoir

Elevation: 7100 ft.

Location: 20 mi. north of Vernal on Hwy 44. Turn off at Diamond Mountain Rd. and go 19½ mi. east.

Current Creek Reservoir

Elevation: 7600 ft.

Location and facilities: 40 mi. east of Heber on Hwy 44. Turn off at Current Creek Lodge and go 15 mi. north. Forest Service campground and boat ramp.

Cutler Reservoir

Reservoir is at the junction of the Bear River, Logan River, and Little Bear River and contains largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, walleye, and perch. Most of the reservoir is surrounded by private property.

Location and facilities: on Hwy 30 approximately halfway between Riverside and Logan, turn north on Hwy 23. Turn east at the south end of the lake for Benson Marina (the largest) or continue on for some newer boat ramps and picnic areas.

Deer Creek Reservoir

link to big photo The once popular yellow perch were nearly wiped out. Larger trout are now being planted to improve their survival rates. Though fewer trout are being caught, their average size has increased. There is an abundant smallmouth bass population though most are small. Because the lake is so close to Salt Lake City and Provo, the lake is very popular for water skiing and sailing.

Elevation: 5400 feet

Surface area: 2076 acres

Facilities: 2 state parks with launch ramps and day use areas. A private concession operator has a marina with a store and fuel.

  • Deer Creek State Park: Day use $4, camping $10. Boat ramp, paved parking, showers, dump station.

East Canyon Reservoir

link to big photo This lake is within 50 minutes of Salt Lake City. Though popular, fishing slows in the heat of the summer. There is a private shore development at the south end of the lake.

Elevation: 5700 feet

Surface area: 680 acres

Facilities: launch ramp, camping with showers and dump station. There is a fast food concession. There is fuel available.

  • East Canyon State Park: 20 mi. S of Morgan on Hwy 66, 28 sites, water, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $7, camping $8 - $12.

Enterprise Lake

If you love scenery, this is a place you should try. In the background are pine and cedar covered mountains. Surrounding the lake and rolling down into the west side is a massive boulder field with unusual formations. The south side of the lake has wide open beaches that you can camp on. There are also many hills and jeep trails for some interesting exploring.

Elevation: 5700 feet

Surface area: approximately 600 acres

Facilities: launch ramp, developed campsites in a unique honeycomb rock formation area, primitive camping on the beach. Fuel, groceries, and lodging are available in Enterprise 7 miles east of the lake.

Fish Lake

The lake is known for it's large lake trout and beautiful scenery.

Elevation: 8700 ft.

Facilities: 2 marinas, lodging, camping at developed campsites, fuel, limited groceries, restaurants.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Best known for monster mackinaw (lake trout), the lake also has a good supply of rainbows, kokanee, smallmouth bass, catfish, and crayfish. The scenery in the canyons is breathtaking. Because the lake is so long, running out of fuel isn't uncommon.

Elevation: 6650 feet

Surface area: 42,000 acres

Facilities: many campgrounds, 4 marinas with fuel, slips, stores, and some boat repair.

  • Hideout National Forest Campground: 10.7 mi. SE of Manila off Hwy 44, season 5/25-9/15, 19 units all with tent sites, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing.
  • Lucerne Valley National Forest Campground: 8.5 mi. E of Manila off Hwy 43, season 5/1-9/30, 157 sites all with tent sites, water, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing.

Grantsville Reservoir

This reservoir, just south of Grantsville, was formed by piling rock in a U-shape on a hillside. From a distance, it looks like a cattle pond but is actually much larger than it appears. Spring fishing can be quite good but it's main appeal is that it can be reached in half an hour from Salt Lake. This is one place you can actually sit in your car while you fish.

Location: 35 mi. W of Salt Lake City, 2 mi. S of Grantsville. Take 2100 South Freeway to westbound I-80. Turn off at exit 99 to Tooele/Stansbury Park. Turn right to Grantsville just before you reach Stansbury Park. Drive through Grantsville to the last road to the left just before the turn past town. About 2 miles from town, take the first paved road to the right. Stay on the pavement and it will take you right up to the reservoir.

link to big photo Facilities: 23 picnic tables with barbeque grills clustered in 3 groups with 24 RV pads, 1 pavillion, portable toilets in the summer, no water, unimproved overflow area. Small boat launching from beach (no gas boat motors). No fees.

Gunlock Reservoir

Noted for some of the biggest largemouth bass in the state. Also contains crappie, catfish, and plentiful crayfish.

Location: 16 mi. NW of St. George off Hwy 56

Elevation: 3600 feet

Facilities: boat ramp

  • Gunlock State Park: season all year, restrooms, swimming, boating, fishing, off-road vehicles.

Holmes Creek Reservoir

Location: Take Gentile Rd. off Hwy 89 in Layton. It is off the left side of the road (heading west). Trails lead down through the trees to the lake.

Facilities: Private property. No swimming, float tubes, or boats allowed.

Joe's Valley Reservoir

The lake is known for fishing but the altitude limits some watersports.

Elevation: 8900 feet

Surface area: 1180 acres

Facilities: camping and some other services. Call the Forest Service at (801) 637-2817 for more information.

Jordanelle Reservoir

One of Utah's newest reservoirs less than an hour's drive from Salt Lake City. There is fishing for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, and smallmouth bass. Activities include camping, picknicking, boating, watersports, swimming, hiking, and mountain biking. Snowmobiles and off-road vehicles not allowed in park.

Surface area: 3300 acres

Elevation: 6200 feet

Facilities: camping with modern restrooms, showers, store and restaurant. A trail surrounds the entire lake for use by hikers, mountain bikers, horses, and cross-country skiers. Boat ramp and personal watercraft ramp at Hailstone, float tube launching at Rock Cliff. Boating is limited to 300-vessels.

  • Hailstone Campground: exit 8 on US 40 between Park City and Heber. Day use $5, camping $9 - $13.
    • Day use: visitor center, children's play area, boat launch ramp, personal watercraft launch ramp, 3 group-use pavilions, 41 day-use cabanas, 2 mini-laundromats, beach house, marina store and restaurant, fish cleaning stations, and outdoor amphitheater.
    • Keetley Point Campground: walk-in only, modern restrooms, 41 tent sites in a scub oak draw NW of park entrance road. Each site has a concrete pad, an 8-foot aluminum table, stand-up grill and fire pit. 5 sites are accessible to disabled campers.
    • McHenry Creek Campground: 42 tent/recreation vehicle sites with no utilities. Campground is sheltered between scrub oak stand and a quiet, perennial creek. Each site has a concrete pad, 8-foot aluminum table, stand-up grill, fire pit, and tent pad. Parking is available for 2 vehicles or 1 vehicle and a detached trailer. A camp service center provides modern restrooms, hot showers, mini-laundromat, and children's play area.
    • RV Campground: 103 campsites overlooking the reservoir. Each site has a concrete pad, 8-foot aluminum table, stand-up grill, fire pit, and electric and water hookups. Access is by a paved, pull-through drive or single spur. The campground is serviced by 2 modern restrooms and a camp-service center with children's play area.
  • Rock Cliff Campground: 13 mi. NE of Heber and 2 mi. W of Francis on Hwy 32, season all year, hours 7am to 8 pm, 50 tent camping units (no RVs, motorhomes or trailers) reached by elevated boardwalk or trail through the aspens, 2 group-use pavillions with group camping available by advance reservation, Nature Center, water, showers. Day use $9 per car (up to 8 people), walk-in $2, camping $11. Execellent area for fishing from float tubes as you just walk down a paved road which goes right into the water. The bay is in a sheltered canyon. Parking is somewhat limited. The launching of boats with trailers is prohibited.

Lake Powell

Contains largemouth bass, striped bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, crappie, walleye, and northern pike.


Elevation: 3820 ft.

Facilities: Lodges, motels, trailer courts, picnic areas, campgrounds, marinas, boat rentals, and baits. Beginning this year, the National Park Service will charge $5 per vehicle for entrance to the Wahweap Marina. In 1998 a $5 fee goes into effect for entrance to the Bullfrog and Hite marinas. In addition, anyone staying overnight on the lake must have a porta-potty.

  • Bullfrog: The National Park Service will require reservations for camping over the Memorial Day Weekend. The number for reservations is (520) 608-6200.

Mantua Reservoir

Even though the lake is just a short distance up the canyon from Brigham City, it is largely overlooked. This is a good place to go to get away from the crowds.

Elevation: 5,000 feet

Surface area: 500 acres

Facilities: launch ramp, fuel near the lake, camping, private RV park, limited groceries.

Millsite Reservoir

This lake is known for majestic buttes at the north edge of the lake.

Location: 4 mi. W of Ferron off Hwy 10

Elevation: 6100 feet

Surface area: 435 acres

Facilities: launch ramp, campground with partial hookups, and day use area. There is a golf course nearby. Fuel and groceries, etc., are available in nearby Ferron.

  • Millsite State Park: season all year, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $3, camping $10.

Minersville Reservoir

Location: 12 mi. W of Beaver off Hwy 21


  • Minersville State Park: season all year, 29 units with water and electrical hookups, restrooms, showers, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $3, camping $17.

Navajo Lake

This is a beautiful lake with good fishing but the high altitude makes it hard for boat motors to breathe.

Location: 25 mi. SE of Cedar City off Hwy 14
Elevation: 9200 feet
Surface area: 1500 acres
Facilities: camping on the south side, 2 lodges with fuel, slip, groceries, boat rentals, cabins.

  • Navajo Lake National Forest Campsite: season 6/15-9/15, 42 units with water, restrooms, campfire, swimming, boating, fishing.

Otter Creek Reservoir

Known for unusual PH in the water that produces record breaking fish (see bulletin board at the bait shop). Additional restaurants are at Koosharem to the north and additional groceries at Junction. The drive into Otter Creek from U.S. Highway 89 is very scenic.

Elevation: 6400 feet

Surface area: 3120 acres

Facilities: Fuel, slips, launch ramp, shore camping sites with showers, primitive camping, private RV park with full hookups and night cabins, limited groceries and small cafe for lunch and dinner, bait shop.

  • Otter Creek Campground: 4 mi. NW of Antimony, open all year, 30 units, group camping, water, showers, dump station. Day use $3, camping $8 - $10.

Palisade Lake

Elevation: 5800 feet.

Facilities: Golfing, non-power boating, water sports, hiking, year-round fishing.

  • Palisade Campground: 6 mi. S of Manti on Hwy 89 then 2 mi. E of Sterling, open all year, 53 units, group camping, water, showers, dump station. Day use $3, camping $11.

Panguitch Lake

Great for spring and fall fishing. The lake has a lot of structure under the surface including a large rock "reef." This is good for fishing but also a hazard when the lake level is low. The lake is located 20 miles sourth of Panguitch which has motels, cafes, etc.

Location: 19 mi. SW of Panguitch

Elevation: 8400 feet

Surface area: 500 acres

Facilities: public and private launch ramps, lodging, cabins, RV park with full hookups, 2 restaurants, limited groceries, fuel close by.

  • Panguitch Lake North National Forest Campsite: season 6/1-9/15, 49 units, water, restrooms, campfires, boating, fishing.
  • Panguitch Lake South National Forest Campsite: season 6/1-9/15, 18 units, water, restrooms, campfires, boating, fishing.

Bear Paw Lakeview Resort

Southern Utah's premeire fishing resort
Great hospitality to match Panguitch Lake's superb fishing
Cabins, RV pads, camping, boat rentals

Pineview Reservoir

This warm water lake gets quite crowded on summer weekends and so the number of boat launches is limited to 300. The lake and large numbers of bluegill and crappie as well as trout, bass, catfish, and tiger musky.

Elevation: 5,000 feet

Surface area: 3,000 acres

Facilities: fuel, slips, pump out, 2 launch ramps camping, day use area, and sandy beaches.

  • Anderson Cove National Forest Campground: 2.5 mi. SW of Huntsville on Hwy 39, season 5/15-10/31, 57 sites with RV/trailer parking, water, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing.

Piute Reservoir

Is not well developed in facilities but it has lots of beach and very little traffic, even on holiday weekends.

Elevation: 5900 feet

Surface area: 3360 acres

Facilities: Launch ramp, tables, vault toilets, prmitive camping. Nearest fuel and groceries to the south at Junction and to the north at Maryvale.

Quail Creek Reservoir

Ideal for early and late season boating because of its close proximity to St. George. Surroundings are similar to Lake Powell. The north arm of the lake is set at wakeless speed to accommodate fishing.

Elevation: 2985 feet

Surface area: 590 acres

Facilities: launch ramp, day use area has large sandy beaches with tables. Fuel is available at Harrisburg 3 miles north and 2 miles south towards Hurricane. RV accommadtions are available in Harrisburg and Washington. There is a golf course and water park nearby. Lodging is available in St. George 12 miles south.

  • Quail Creek Campground: 14 mi. NE of St. George, open all year, 23 units, group camping, water. Day use $5, camping $8.

Rockport Reservoir

Although not as popular as other lakes for it's trout fishing, this lake is popular for water skiing and afternoon sailing. Ice fishing is more successful, especially for yellow perch.

Elevation: 6000 feet

Surface area: 1080 acres

Facilities: launch ramp, day use area. Fuel is available in nearby Wanship and Oakley. Groceries are available in Coalville and Kamas.

  • Rockport Campground: 5 mi. W of Wanship and I-15, open all year, 86 units, group camping, water, vault toilets, showers, dump station. Day use $4 (year-round), camping $6 - $11.

Scofield Reservoir

Best known for fishing, water-skiing is common in mid summer but V8 engines are recommended because of the altitude.

Location: 17 mi. W of Soldier Summit off U.S. 6 on Hwy 96

Elevation: 7600 feet

Surface area: 2800 acres

Facilities: 2 campsites both with showers, dump stations, fish cleaning stations, and launch ramps. Fuel and groceries are available in the town of Scofield at the south end of the lake. There is also a private RV park with full hookups.

  • Madsen Bay: 4 mi. N of Scofield, season 5/15-9/15, 40 units, water, showers, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $4, $8 - $10.
  • Mountain View: 3 mi. N of Scofield, season 5/15-9/15, 34 units, water, vault toilets, showers, dump station. Day use $4, $8 - $10.

Soldier Creek Reservoir

This is really an extension of Strawberry Reservoir as the 2 lakes are connected.


  • Aspen Grove National Forest Campground: 37 mi. SE of Heber City off Hwy 40, season 5/25-/10/31, 51 sites with RV/trailer parking, water, restrooms, campfires, boating, fishing. This is a beautiful campground in a grove of quaking aspen. It is also near the dam and boat ramp.
  • Soldier Creek National Forest Campground: 34 mi. SE of Heber City off Hwy 40, season 5/25-/11/5, 165 sites with RV/trailer parking, water, restrooms, campfires, boating, fishing.

Starvation Reservoir

Location: 3 mi. NW of Duchesne off U.S. 40

Elevation: 5700 feet

Facilities: Swimming, boating, fishing, off-road vehicles.

  • Lower Beach: all year, 24 units, water, showers, dump station. Day use $4, camping $6 - $10.
  • Mountain View: all year, 30 units, 15 tent sites, group camping, water, showers, dump station.

Steinaker Reservoir

Location: 6 mi. N of Vernal off U.S. 191

Elevation: 5500 feet

Facilities: Swimming, boating, fishing, off-road vehicles.

  • Steinaker State Park: season 4/1-11/30, 31 sites, 15 tent sites, water, restrooms, dump station. Day use $3, camping $8.

Strawberry Reservoir

Known as Utah's premeire trout lake, the lake contains rainbows, cutthroat trout, and kokanee and receives heavy pressure, especially on holiday weekends. Ice fishing is also popular with larger fish being taken at this time. The fish limit has been reduced to 4 so fish will be more plentiful later in the season.

Elevation: 7400 feet

Surface area: 17,000 acres

Facilities: 3 launch ramps with stores and fuel, improved campgrounds, lodging at Strawberry Marina, boating, fishing.

  • Strawberry Bay National Forest Campground: 29 mi. SE of Heber City off Hwy 40, season 5/25-11/5, 372 sites all with RV/trailer parking, water, restrooms.

Utah Lake

Noted for water skiing and fishing for walleye, white bass, and large channel catfish.

Location: 5 mi. W of Provo

Elevation: 4500 feet

Surface area: 96,600 acres


  • American Fork Boat Harbor:
  • Lindon Boat Harbor: 2 boat ramps, pinic tables, water, portable toilet. Watch for notices of summer events. Future expansion will include sailboats for rent, fishing ponds stocked for kids, and a BMX track. Fee: $3 per car, $1 per adult walk-in, children walk-ins under age 16 are free.
    link to big photo --Directions: I-15 exit 276 (Lindon, North Orem) west to Geneva Rd. Turn right and go under freeway to railroad tracks at 200 South. Turn left and go to the end. Turn left at 2000 West. The road makes a sharp turn to the right and will take you straight to the harbor.
  • Utah Lake State Park: 125 units, group camping, water, restrooms, showers, dump station. Fee: day use $4, camping $8 - $10.

Willard Bay

Popular for walleye, channel cat, and crappie. Fishing is usually best at night around the dike.

Location: 20 mi. N of Ogden on I-15

Elevation: 4200 feet

Surface area: 9900 acres

Facilities: 2 campgrounds with dump stations, slips, 1 launch ramp at the north end and 2 at the south end. There is fuel at north end on the other side of the freeway. Groceries are available in Brigham City.

  • Willard Bay State Park: season all year, 77 units, water, showers, restrooms, campfires, swimming, boating, fishing. Day use $5, camping $11.

Yuba Reservoir

Location: 30 mi. S of Nephi

Elevation: 5500 feet

Facilities: Warm warm water, sandy beaches, boating waterskiing, water sports, year-round fishing, close to OHV riding areas.

  • Yuba State Park: open all year, 27 sites, group camping, water, vault toilets, showers. Day use $7, camping $9 - $15.

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